Meet Popoffke- an uprising rapper and composer:

In present times, you are not considered successful in any field unless you stand out from the rest. Unfortunately, this is a harsh truth. This is why many newcomers drop out even before trying. However, this is a wrong approach. You need to have faith in yourself otherwise achieving goals is impossible. This is exactly what Popoffke preaches. He is an established rapper and composer. 

Popoffke is a stage name and his actual birth name is Kemar Young. Originally hailing from Sacramento, California, he had a keen interest in music from his childhood days. In fact, at merely three years of age when kids barely learn to do anything, Popoffke started learning to play the drums. He was not even admitted to school at that time yet he had already realised his passion. It was obvious that the thought of a three-year-old playing the drums surprised people. They exclaimed how his behaviour and talent surpassed a ten-year-old. Presently, he is an expert in almost all musical instruments that one can think of. He finished learning every instrument under the sun during his school years. In the year 2020, when the entire world got affected with COVID-19 and a period of gloominess and disappointment surfaced, Popoffke did not lose hope and started producing and releasing music officially. If you want proof of his talent, you can go watch his latest single ‘Chasing Dreams’ on YouTube. It might be fairly new but the song has already etched its way into many people’s hearts. 

Besides being a talented musician, Popoffke is also an expert entrepreneur. It is because of his entrepreneurial mindset and skills that he is able to capitalise on his music-making skills. He is not your average rapper. In fact, he successfully created a brand out of this. Speaking of his entrepreneurial skills, Popoffke is well versed with digital marketing and advertisements- the primary skills one needs in every profession irrespective of whether it is music or something else.

Popoffke might be well established and successful currently but his journey was not smooth. Although met with several financial as well as emotional issues, the harsh struggles did not rip off his optimism and positive outlook towards life. You can easily sense it through his music and personality. We wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavours! To know more about Popoffke and keep updated about his future releases, follow him on:





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