Meet Shivam Joshi- India’s youngest corporate trainer and entrepreneur

Shivam Joshi is a young Indian entrepreneur and technocrat. He started as an amateur in this field and was introduced to entrepreneurship once he passed his 12th examination. Hailing from the city of Nagpur, he began with his Programming domain and Innovations at a very young age. In 2019, he won Mayor’s Innovation award for designing Road Traffic Controller; and was ranked 5th in Hackathon 2k19. Among his many coveted achievements is Automatic Parking Resolver; the one that opened gates towards success. 

Shivam founded Codon’s Technologies in 2019, which is a corporate training company. The company is mentoring and guiding aspiring Data Scientists, ML Engineers, Data Analysts, under various specialization programs. These programs help them acquire numero uno skills of the 21st Century; the company also devises and imparts training to employees of the corporate sector. It has successfully provided training to employees of some of the leading global firms’ viz. HCL, Infocepts, TCS, IBM, and Wipro, etc.

Shivam is just 20 years old and is labeled as India’s youngest Corporate Trainer. He gained this title due to his advanced specialization programs that help employees and students to gain real-time implemented skills.

We Spoke to Shivam about expertise and their implementation for upcoming years:

Do you consider gaining expertise as an alternative to Theoretical expertise will be useful?

Yes, Training yourselves to suit other people’s requirements, is unique from educating yourselves to meet other’s requirements. Gaining expertise will raise your worth and will also provide sensible expertise which the world requires. An engineer has to be focused on innovations, implementations, developing constructing factors. But what they are undertaking doing irrelative assignments, dummy difficulty statements, and so forth.

What are your ideas for the students who are studying in the covid-19 phase?

Learning standard theory in all your education and expecting to get a job of 40Lakh PA is abhorrent. Do not rely on colleges for jobs as big corporations want an individual with an overbearing ability set. Learn expertise parallel with your research. It can be Coding, Animations, Field Smart Software, Editing, and so forth. In this complicated time when folks are losing a job, the nation is witnessing one of the unparalleled disasters triggered by a deadly virus. Hence everyone must collaborate and understand to discover factors for an influencial outcome; we must not drop hope and strive for a better situation.

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