Mina Habib sets an example of being determined and consistent towards one’s goals

A job of a DJ is one of the most entertaining, exciting and enjoyable job. A DJ requires some amazing skills which are really important for him to shine in his field. These skills include a sense of timing, technical ability, creativity for mixing music together, stamina and energy to motivate his audience. Most importantly a DJ should have a good ear for rhythm and good inter-personal skills to assist networking. DJs are the people who are one of the biggest fan of music. They are amazing entertainers with some extraordinary skills. Their tracks are really impeccable and also flow really well together.
Talking about one of the brilliant DJ in the town Mina Habib also known as DJ Afrikano. He is one of the astonishing DJ and also a CPA . He was born on 22nd February in 1988. He is from Michigan, USA. He was born and raised in Zambia in Southern Africa. He is working since when he was 15 which is commendable.. He graduated his high school in 2003 and moved to Egypt to continue his college career in Accounting. He decided to transfer to the US in 2006 to complete his bachelors in Accounting and Economics. He graduated in 2008 and started his first job with Ernst & Young in Public Accounting that is amazing. He got his CPA license and continued my 8 year journey with EY which is impressive.
For him DJ was just a hobby but it actually turned into a passion. People really love his tracks and his talent of mixing of music in his own way. He opened his own lounge in Michigan, and began to brand and perform as DJ Afrikano that is so fascinating. His main focal point was in International music catering to a wide variety of diverse clients. He got number of opportunities across the US and abroad (Egypt / Dubai / Zambia / Canada) performing at several events, corporate events and weddings. His one of the biggest achievement is that he recently launched an events planning company focusing on Audio/Lighting and DJ Services. He really proved that nothing is impossible if you are dedicated to your dreams.
Mina knows how to balance things in life, he is managing the work of CPA with his passion in music. He really dreams big that is why he has planned to Continue his entrepreneurial career path with running a major International events planning organization.
If you will never stop following your dreams, they will also never leave you. If you have talent, skill of doing something, you should never miss any chance to make it as your way towards success. You should keep trying and trying until you reach to your destination. Mina taught you that nothing is impossible, you just need to have potential, confidence and determination then no one can stop you from achieving your goals. Difficulties, hurdles will come in your way but you have to deal with them.

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