Mohammed Salahuddin: The man and the mind behind the exponential rise of Dubai’s financial and trading industry.

The 17-year-old teenager trader lays out a few habits that are found in successful traders.

Even if we choose to discuss the success stories of certain people in this world across industries, especially youngsters, it only feels much more discussions are needed around them so that people can find much more inspiration and motivation from them to take over their dreams and make a name for themselves in their respective industries. Mohammed Salahuddin’s (aka The Wolf of Dubai) name tops the list of such young entrepreneurs who is making waves in the vast trading field and stock markets of Dubai. It is hard to believe that he is all of 17 years of age and still has managed to imprint his name amongst the established names in the industry.

While other youngsters were busy thinking about their next course of action as the pandemic broke, Mohammed Salahuddin had already stepped into Dubai’s stock markets. Since the time he was 13 years, he saw his heart getting inclined to the trading world, also because he saw his father working successfully as a trader for years and this encouraged him to do the same. He learned many things from his father and while people were in lockdown, he stepped into the stock markets professionally, executing his first trade in May 2020.

Below, he shares a few habits that he found in successful traders and tried to incorporate in his work as well to attain success.

• Being optimistic but also realistic: It is essential to blend optimism with realism, says Mohammed Salahuddin. One cannot afford to lose hope as the markets are unpredictable; hence, the youngster says people need to have an undying optimism but also be realistic about the returns they can expect from trading.
• Being persistent: Being persistent is the key to achieving great success in trading, says Mohammed Salahuddin. One must become indefatigable and keep working towards their trading goals. After creating a trading philosophy, one needs to be persistent with it.
• Focusing on executing the trades: Much importance must also be given to the execution part of trading. Mohammed Salahuddin’s pitch-perfect execution of trades today has him make profits of $30,000+ in 180 working days.
• Keep learning: After achieving massive momentum in trading, many think they know it all. However, Mohammed Salahuddin says that one must keep researching, reading and learning new tricks of the ‘trade’ that can help in making them more relevant and proficient in the industry.

Today, he alone controls $112,000 in stocks and cryptos and also has a rapidly growing portfolio to his credit. Mohammed Salahuddin says that he can’t wait to spread his knowledge to others who, like him, wish to make it huge in the trading world and earn great financial freedom. Want to know more about him? Follow the Instagram handle @thewolfofdxb.

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