Mohd J Asfour, A Professional Business Man Taking Over

What makes an individual the best? is it talent or is it hard work, or the combination of both? It is more than these two things. A succeuseful and professional businessman focuses on every aspect of their life, prioritising them and taking care of things on the first hand. Relying on people is not even an option. One such young entrepreneur as well as a millionaire is Mohd J Asfour. This Jordanian millionaire has proved his potential and currently stands to be an excellent entrepreneur who has the answer to every question relating to his field of specialisation.

Some people are born talented and some people must go through very hard training and practising. Mohd J Asfour has only thought about being the best version of himself, learning something new everyday, being well aware that knowledge will take him forward. There was one thing that he has always wanted to do, that is, be proud of his work.

Mohd J Asfour is well qualified, being a student of PSUT (Princess Sumayah University for Technology). He studied energy engineering and electrical power in Jordan, beginning in 2012. He graduated more than 2 years ago in 2018. Since then, Asfour Has worked as an electrical engineer at a real estate company (Fawaz Al Hokair) in Saudi Arabia. Soon he moved from beginning to Dammam as he was working for a project called ‘Al Nakheel Mall’. He was working for the same firm but on a different project.

Though Mohd J Asfour is an engineer, he was interested in being an established businessman. That is when he decided to move to the US in order to have an MBA degree. In October 2019, he established his first business service called ‘Woof Woof’. It started out over Instagram, Miami being the prime location, but within two months it was already so popular that he had to step it up. With such advancements already on the way, Mohd J Asfour decided to start his new farm named LR Miami. He remembers being in love with cars for a long time, this business offered great services, and is still the best car rental company in the city. Everything begins with a small number but with time and effort it expands three folds. Here, he had one car to begin with but now he owns more than 21 luxurious cars for customers to choose from. He also began advertising for other brands and companies like Bangenergy and Kenzu Streetwear.

Hard work always pays off, nothing goes in vain, especially the work of a dedicated businessman. Mohd J Asfour has a lot of experience with the world, and is established in more than one professional field. He will be doing a lot of other things in the near future, provided the opportunity. No matter how big of a businessman he becomes, he realises that true joy is in providing. LR Miami is estimated to be worth $1 million very soon. With such great achievements, this young man definitely has a long way to go.

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