Mohit Modanwal : The Leading Band of Mumbai

Mohit Modanwal is a performer who has always believed in delivering an experience to his audience. For it’s not just about songs, music or lyrics it’s about amplifying and elevating celebrations with the dancing numbers , it’s about comforting soul with Sufi songs, It’s about reminiscing the special moments. It is the combination of the passion that he has for his craft and love for his audience that has helped see tremendous amount of success in a short span of time.

Mohit Modanwal Live has always strived to deliver performances with the plethora of distinctive variety and ensures the audience never feels monotonous. And support his vision and beliefs he is supported with some of brilliant musician we have in the industry today.

Mohit Modanwal

Mohit Live Their unique style, their individual persona, their confidence , their drive to improvise and their mad love for music. When brought together creates a beautiful blend and delivers magic on stage.
Deepu Jawda is a Rajasthani rockstar who can make anyone skip beat with the way he plays his percussions, not only that his immense knowledge about music and also knows how to play 25 different instruments.
Jay Rathod is one the finest Guitarist who can strum his guitar and charm you with his smile at the same time. This innocently naughty guy hails from Nagpur and is highly influenced with Western and Mediterranean.
Gaurav Gupta is youngest of the lot but make no mistake his aspirations are bigger way bigger than him. His fingers sails smooth through the keys of his keyboard.

A true Mumbaikar his risk taking ability and his go getter attitude grasps the audience everytime.
This fusionist amalgamation of Artists from different backgrounds and expertise along with Mohit Modanwal have delivered over 500 successful Live shows in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Kolkata , Delhi, Lucknow, Amritsar, Bangaluru and Goa amongst others. Last in October & November they also a performed a series of specially crafted shows at different venues across Dubai winning over the audience internationally.

Their Fusion of performance is truly magnificent, their humble personalities are enchanting and their power pact performances is why they are currently one of Leading Live Band in India and this is just the beginning.

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