Mourad Sebky shares a success mantra for all young entrepreneurs and we’re taking notes!

UAE’s serial entrepreneur Mourad Sebky wasn’t born with a golden spoon but the light in his eyes always dreamt of making life large. Sebky today lives the life he dreamt of and even shares some tips on being successful.

Speaking about the key to success Sebky shares, “I’m glad to have so many young and dynamic minds looking upto me. One advice I’d like to give is that there’s no timetable to follow for success, It’s only hardwork. Smart investments play a major role. You cannot wait for success to come to you, you have to go out there and make it happen.”

“Another key rule to follow is to never stop learning as there is abundance of knowledge available and it is a habit all the entrepreneurs live by”, ends Sebky.

This serial entrepreneur has turned every bit of his dream into reality. This social media tycoon owns the top cars, a lavish abode, global brands in his wardrobe, the best cologne and every best thing one can think of. His mind never rests and it’s the standard hustle culture he follows which has inturn helped him turn his dreams to reality.

If you’re a young mind who’s vision is as big as the sky the you exactly know what to do! Start building your route to success.

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