Music producer Saqib Aslam aka AP opens up on what drew him to the music industry

Today international music industry is one of the biggest domains for people. It is no longer just about creating a melody, it is about creating a brand for the artist. Many people think that the music industry is an intimidating and daunting world in which very few can survive but in a short duration of time, young music producers like Saqib Aslam, who is better known as AP, have created their own brands to help out young artists.

AP is the force behind the San Francisco based music label Apis Records and he has been working tirelessly to give a platform to Hip Hop artists to launch their music on the mainstream level. Anyone can contact him at

During his career, he has been blessed to work with Travis Scott in his video the Butterfly Effect and many other Bay artists. It was not an easy decision to become a part of the industry without having any prior connection to it.

AP has created his own vision and own brand but his journey has been nothing less than inspirational. When he was just in his twenties he decided to pursue the goal of being a public administrator and in no time he was acing the game.

However, he then decided to focus on his passion that is music and made up his mind to help out as many young stars and artist as he can. He said, “The feeling of accomplishment that comes with exceeding challenging goals is what drew me to a career in music.”

AP claims his belief in life is that if you work hard it will eventually pay off is the driving force. Given the success this young man is enjoying, this seems to be the ultimate truth.

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