Nicholas Farago, CEO of Farago Motors, the potentate of Emirati automobile industry

We have seen and heard of many great minds in this world who are revolutionising the business world with their innovative and distinct approach which makes them an individual apart from others. These talented individuals have put in their best efforts to come out with innovative strategies and successful ideas which have proved to be a boon for the industries they have worked in.

The automotive sector has also seen an entrepreneur par excellence who has gone a step ahead and proved that nothing is impossible if one is passionate to turn their dreams to reality, he is Nicholas Farago who has excelled in the automobile sector and is today one of the best car-resellers who is known for his work across Dubai.

Nicholas Farago is an experienced businessmen from Sweden, who is known for his ravishing work and services. Since his early days, automotive industry was one concern which drew him towards it and seeing its astounding growth over the years, Nicholas had made up his mind to make a career out of it going ahead.

What makes Nicholas different from his counterparts is that he doesn’t just focus on collecting only results. But he also lays his focus on also collecting the emotions.

Today, Nichlas has a very rich experience in the car-reselling business, he is well versed with all and holds in-depth knowledge in various verticals.

Nicholas is the CEO and founder of Farago Motors, a company based in Dubai. Farago Motors provides you with the best vehicles of your choice at very affordable rates.

After analyzing the growth in ‘Farago Motors’, Nicholas decided to facilitate this model to other traditional automobile companies to completely expand their car-reselling businesses via Farago Motors.

Nicholas is truly an inspiration for all those people who want to pursue their careers in the automotive sector. Moreover, his entrepreneurial journey contains a lot of positive things that every budding car enthusiast should must learn to excel in their career.

Follow Nicholas on Instagram @nickdxb

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