Nima Kazemi On Pasargad Migration Bringing the Revolution In Migration Industry.

The Covid times have been full of challenges for every industrialist, While a majority of the firms are still struggling amidst the pandemic to maintain their track records up the mark, Pasargad Migration is one such firm that is rising exponentially. Built from the ground up by the renowned industrialist Nima Kazemi, who migrated from Iran to Australia started his journey as a migration agent.

Today, he has built up Pasargad Migration Group which is one of the globally leading migration firms that is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Expanding its business in cities like Dubai, Iran, Turkey, and Canada. People from every professional aspect can migrate to Australia & New Zealand with the firm’s help.

The entire team is dedicated to its client benefits hence they are always on their beck and call. Unlike other firms, they maintain a hundred percent transparency in their work. Time-efficiency, innovation & effortless process is their approach which is how Pasargad Migration brings in the revolution and uplifts the market.

On asking further about the firm, Nima says, “ We as a team see migration as a human aspiration to lead a better life and no complications should stop people from aspiring that. Hence we pledge to ensure that our clients will have a seamless experience while migrating to their dream destination and achieving what they desire.”

Pasargad Migration is recognized as a leader in the industry, which speaks at international immigration conferences, authorizes articles on immigration matters, consults with other immigration practitioners & teaches professional development classes for the industry. 

Their decades of experience have allowed them to be several steps ahead of their competitors. Even in covid times, they continue to do what they are best at without any barriers and it is safer to say that with time, they have enhanced their client experience. To strive for excellence, they are now conducting online webinars where Nima interacts and engages with people and talks about the latest news, changes in programs, and possibilities of different programs. The company continues to do the good deed amidst the challenging times and we are sure that no matter how challenging it gets in the future, their dedication will lead them to their victory.

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