Noman Siddqui: Bhaiya is about to shine in the ethnic wear industry

A wedding is the onset of a beautiful relationship that goes on in this life and even the next ones. The day of the wedding for women matters a lot for the people involved especially women. Women do their best to look the most beautiful on this day and dressing up is the most important part of it. If her dress is beautiful it can make it the most memorable day of her life and if not, the worst for her and everyone around them. Choosing a traditional wedding dress for the bride is a very hefty task and often becomes a mission. But there are a few people out there whose mission is to simplify this task for the bride and Noman Siddiqui is one such fashion designer. Based in Karachi, Pakistan, Noman is the founder of the Noman and Bhaiya. This is one of the fastest-growing clothing brands based in Pakistan. N&B has been redefining wedding fashion since 2012 and has gained immense popularity.

Mr. Siddiqui is known for his fearless and unique fashion designs in the ethnic wear verticle. If you ask a woman about her plans for her dream wedding dresses, she would have multiple answers and a plan attached to each one of them. They say, to be able to style ethnic wedding dresses with complete perfection, it takes a sophisticated alliance of art and science. You need to know what has to be done and be very particular about it. Only then, it becomes possible to convert a dream into reality. Coming back to Noman, his views about fashion, in general, are classy and upscale.

His work is so fine and beautiful that many celebrities have collaborated with his brand. To name a few- Urwa Hocane, Furqan Qureshi, Hareem Farooq, Hira mani, Neelam Muneer have donned his creations. N&B created this very eye-catching collection called “GURIYA” which was recently presented at the 18th edition of the Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week at Lahore. In this event, famous Pakistani actress and model Nimra Khan stole the show with the authentic design by N&B Fashion.

The popularity and the audience reach garnered by Noman’s brand is the testimonial to his years of hard work and attention to detail. We can conclude that Noman will put his name on the global fashion industry soon.

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