Olympics medal winner, superstar hockey goal keeper Sreejesh PR launches the revolutionary Zzoko App

If there is one thing that unites Indians, it is sports. Whenever there is a match between India and another country, the entire country is glued to their screens with their emotions running high. One such breathtaking experience was witnessing the Indian Men’s Hockey team at the Tokyo Olympics. Hockey is the national sport of India but isn’t given the needed attention and privilege. Even then, these men beat all odds to win a Bronze at the Tokyo Olympics after 41 long years! Those 6 seconds, six precious seconds that would decide the destiny of the Indian team, literally got every Indian’s heartbeat to come to a standstill. Suddenly, the patriotic spirits of each Indian were on an all-time high.

PR Sreejesh

Like how every movie has a hero, a savior, so did this match. Who was the hero who led India to win this match? None other than PR SREEJESH who is also called ‘The Great Wall of India.’ ‘Although a win is always the result of a combined team effort, India may not have made it without Sreejesh saving the last goal against Germany. Sreejesh definitely has several other achievements to his credit, but saving this one goal is his most celebrated achievement. 

Although Indian Men’s and Women’s Hockey team has been performing well in recent times, inspiring many youngsters to choose this sport and represent India at an international level, Tokyo Olympics has given the much-needed push to choose Hockey as a career. But, how about the guidance one needs to start this journey? Doesn’t every aspiring sportsperson need a mentor to help them through every step of the way? In a country like India, finding somebody who can be your mentor gets challenging, so what if we told you that there is a huge platform where you can get guidance for anything and everything? 

Zzoko is a marketplace that connects those who seek guidance to those who can be their guiding angel. Zzoko provides 1:1 consultation or 1: many consultation sessions with mentors from startups, health, finance, wedding, to even career and travel. To explain this in a straightforward language, Zzoko is similar to Practo. Where Practo has just doctors listed with them, Zzoko has experts from every field except doctors! Be it Hockey or Astrological advice, Zzoko is at your rescue! Also, what is even better? 

Vickram Kanth

Zzoko launched its app just a week back, making it even easier to book experts’ consultations. The launch event of this app was huge and lasted for a month.  The Chief guests of Honor were PR Sreejesh and Vickram Kanth, with 24 other speakers from different industries. Vickram Kanth has played as a field defender for the Indian National Men’s Hockey Team. His list of achievements is too good to be true.

The launch event was all about Sreejesh giving us some really helpful advices while also speaking about the struggles he had to face in his life. Sreejesh is from a very small village in India. It is because of him that his village is now recognized all over the world. When our founder Bharat Jain asked Sreejesh what advice he would like to give our audience, he said, “First, learn from your failures and dont be afraid to fail. And second, DREAM. Only if you dream, can you be successful.”

Coming to Vickram Kanth, the best part about this great man is his willingness to help those who want to pursue hockey as a career. He believes that the next phase of his life should be dedicated to guiding individuals and preventing them from making the mistakes he did! What a noble thought! Adding to Sreejesh’s mantra of Dreaming big, Vickram says, “You need to dream and be dedicated to working hard towards fulfilling that dream.” Doesn’t that sound inspiring?

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