PA Student Salaman R. Shares Five Tips to Help Navigate the Pandemic

Not all heroes wear capes – some of them wear white coats, gloves, and masks. These individuals have extreme patience, empathy, and compassion that translate into providing comfort, relieving pain, and healing bodies. The increase in COVID-19 cases have added addition logistical and emotional challenges to the existing stress that many already face. Because of this, the undoubtedly call on these specific kinds of superheroes have helped tremendously during the pandemic. This involves everyone who is affiliated with healthcare, while putting their own health on the line. One of them is PA student Salaman Rasoli, who strives on his journey to graduate as a PA-C, sharing insights on his profession, and a strong believer that being in medicine is a privilege, especially during these times.

Salaman believes that being a medical professional requires a great deal of responsibility with an indescribable reward in return. The power to heal people and save lives is indeed a privilege. With the constant increase in COVID-19 cases putting so many lives at risk, Salaman is proud to be a student during this time. He added, “As a PA, NP, MD, DO, RN, surgeon, or any medical professional, we have gone through rigorous course work and during a time like COVID-19, it is both an honor and a challenging test to be able to help make a difference. On a positive note however, there is a new evolution of healthcare via tele-medicine that I foreshadow being long-term even after this pandemic.”

Salaman chose medicine because he wanted to learn how to avoid death and maximize longevity ever since he lost one of his best childhood friends at a young age. He believes that to change society about a certain view or practice, there must be a set model that has to be practiced by the masses. “The reason I chose a career in medicine is because I wanted to make this world a better place, especially for those living in underserved communities. To change an underserved community, someone with much higher authority and knowledge must set the stage, such as a healthcare provider. Having realized this, even as a student, I try to help people and my community through my learnings as a medical professional. This involves countless volunteering in health education, and my time volunteering in free clinics as a student PA.”

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to unravel, whether a person works in a medicine, law enforcement, or education, the rewards and challenges of this journey are abundant in all these fields. In the time of lockdown worldwide, Salaman is trying to help people improve their health and fitness by providing guidance and free educational blogs via his website. In addition, some tips he recommends everyone to practice before there access to the vaccine is as follows:

  • continue to avoid unnecessary contact with others
  • comply with wearing a mask if you have to be in public where other individuals are possibly less than 6 feet away
  • make sure to stay nutritionally protected via consuming foods high in zinc, vitamin D, C, and E
  • even though you have gotten the vaccine, you can still spread the virus to those are unvaccinated
  • stay up on your cardiovascular health by being active 30-45 mins 5 days a week

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