Padma Patil Afshan Azad from Harry Potter shares pictures of her Baby Showers

Padma Patil aka Afshan Azad is all set to be blessed with motherhood this time. The character played by her as Padma Patil in the Harry Potter series of Movie was loved by all. She is pregnant and is expecting to be blessed with a baby girl.

In the previous week as well, she shred the pictures of her baby bump. She could be seen wearing pink and pastel color dress, which is a full sleeved floral gown. The walls were also decorate with purple and pink g=hues and balloons.

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Afshan Azad is ready to be a mommy.

She can also be seen hugging her better half named Nabil Kazi. She also received lots of affection, loves and gifts from her girlfriends who came there to make the day brighter for her.

Sharing a photo, she has wriiten, “Didn’t realise you could be so in love with a human you haven’t even met yet 💕 Counting down the days until I meet my new best friend 🤰🏻👩🏻‍🍼.”

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Afshan had reported her pregnancy in April. She stated, “The mysteries out everybody – I will be a mummy!!! Expressing gratitude toward Allah SWT for gifting us our greatest gift yet. Child Kazi due this July inshAllah. Both our hearts are loaded up with adoration, energy and nerves! Not long to go, if it’s not too much trouble, keep us all in your supplications.”For more updates and latest news on cricket,sports, technology, entertainment, stay tuned to the posts of The Midget Herald.

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