PKG lifestyle news honored at Mr. and Ms. India 2021 by Sahil Khan

PKG lifestyle news congratulates Jagnoor Aneja for organizing a very successful event of Mr. and Ms. India 2021. Aditya Aggarwal, founder of PKG LIFESTYLE NEWS and Shipra Aggarwal, Director of PKG Lifestyle News thanks Jagnoor Aneja and Kunwar Anand for the invitation to the show.
Both Shipra and Aditya were honored by Sahil Khan, the celebrity guest for the event. The couple was appreciated for the work they have put on their media company. Just in a few years they have added PKG lifestyle news among the list of top media houses of Delhi.

Other than being a successful part of media industry PKG lifestyle is also organizing events as well as handling PR of hundreds of celebrities. PKG has also started its own magazine series the first edition of which came out in the beginning of this year. The magazine titled ‘PKG lifestyle top 50 personalities’ featured the bollywood actor and humanitarian Sonu Sood on its cover page. The magazine was announced as a huge success.
With all these accomplishments in its kitty PKG has been constantly winning various prestigious awards with Aditya Aggarwal and Shipra Aggarwal being honored and appreciated for the hard work they put in their company.

At the event of Mr. and Ms. India 2021 the couple was seen wearing colour coordinated outfits. Shipra looked gorgeous in a black and silver dress which she paired with red lipstick and soft curls. Meanwhile Aditya pulled off a black suit really well.
Being the media partner of the event PKG lifestyle News feels immense joy and pride in announcing the success of the show.

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