Powerful Scooty with advanced features, take a look at these TVS scooters

TVS Motor, the country’s biggest two-wheeler manufacturer, has released the NTORQ 125 Race XP scooter in the local market. This new scooter, according to the firm, is the most powerful in the class, with a starting price of Rs 83,275. (ex-showroom). This scooter comes with a tri-tone colour job that adds to its athletic appearance.

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This scooter has a unique feature in that it also includes a voice aid capability, allowing users to control some of the scooter’s functions via voice commands. Over 15 distinct voice commands are supported.

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In this scooter, the firm has employed a 125cc Race Tuned Fuel Injection (RT-Fi) engine. 10.2PS of power and 10.8Nm of torque are generated by this engine. Let us inform you that this is the only scooter in its class with such a powerful engine. Race Mode and Street Mode are two separate driving modes available on the scooter. This scooter can reach a top speed of 98 kilometres per hour while in race mode.

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Aside from that, the scooter’s sporty red wheels add to its fashionable look. Overall, this scooter is a more comfortable alternative for racing aficionados. To stay updated with the latest updates on celebrities, Hollywood, sports, technology and business, stay updated with the recent news of The Midget Herald.

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