Pranay Ranjan – Entrepreneur Who Turned A Successful Music Producer

Pranay Ranjan: An Emerging Musical Artist & Entrepreneur from India

Pranay Ranjan is an Indian Musician & Entrepreneur. Born on 4 June 2002 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He was introduced to the music industry to launch his first soundtrack “Sexy Bass” on Spotify. After some days he releases his music on different music platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, JioSaavn, and many other international platforms like Deezer, Tidal, and Napster. You get “Pranay Ranjan” music on Tiktok, Instagram, or Facebook From his childhood, he was interested in a creative field. At the age of 15, he started learning several graphical software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator to express his creative thoughts and imagination through his manipulations.

Pranay Ranjan was born on 4 June in 2002 and is an Indian by nationality. But his journey to this success was not that easy. His path was tough where he had sacrificed all of his leisure activities. And now he is finally a great music artist whose songs can are released on various online platforms like Official Spotify Page, Official YouTube Artist Channel, and Apple Music. Not only this, he also has a huge fan following on social media platforms like Facebook, TwitterInstagram etc


Pranay Ranjan releases soundtracks in different categories. Now those tracks are available on different music platforms like Google, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more.

Marketing is a big deal

He says before you create any content you need to figure out how you will market it in the first place. Being a digital marketer and content creator himself he believes in overlooking these factors. He mentioned it’s necessary to create content that the audience wants and will like more. But marketing is a big deal. Pranay Ranjan is a human with multiple skills. And he is excelling in every field. He himself being an influencer, gamer, musician tried his hands in the field of business.

Pranay Ranjan has also helped some international clients and brands to grow their business on social media through Instagram marketing. He will also introduce video content and is currently working on it. Moreover, he plans to start his own digital agency by the coming year giving all services to his clients right from image building to branding to building its social media presence. He said,

Founder of  YourMedia

Pranay Ranjan is the founder of “YourMedia“ which provides a bunch of services like social media management, PR promotion, brand promotion, celebrity promotion, IMDb Profile, Wikipedia Articles, Music releasing, web design, Google Knowledge Panel, content writing, etc. His company now gaining popularity around the world and became the fastest growing celebrity management company.

Pranay Ranjan is a passionate digital marketer who has developed excellent expertise in Google SEO, he knows paid promotion as well as free advertising on Google search. He discovered various tricks to generate Google Knowledge Panel and now offers these services to big celebrities worldwide.

In India some of the best digital marketers are yet verified on Google, that is the reason why Pranay Ranjan is known as SERP Expert.

Competition is always good

Pranay believes in healthy Competition. He says that if one has good competition it encourages them to do even better and bring the best outcome. 

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