Praveen Sinha explains the future of drone commercial market; Calls it the new era for businesses

Dunzo Digital’s groundbreaking experimental Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Med-Air consortium in Telangana has reflected a bright future of commercial drone usage in India

Seasoned market analyst, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor —Praveen Sinha has said India is on the way become a global leader in the commercial drone market in the coming decade. At present, India is the fifth-largest importer of drones in the world and is expected to touch the $1 billion mark in the near future. Moreover, the flourishing Indian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAS) startup ecosystem backed by the best professionals in the market is ready to support the upcoming boom for non-military drone services and solutions.

“The government is committed to making India the Drone Hub of the world and India is ready to move in the direction. However, the authorities are very careful moving ahead given the national security issues. With the recent development of an experimental drone delivery project in Telangana, we can consider it the kick start of the non-military drone market in India. You can expect an extension of such pilot projects in other parts of India as well very soon,” he says.

Praveen Sinha also explained how the use of drone operations in various sectors can benefit the nation across various verticals. “E-commerce industry, specifically healthcare and food will benefit the most from the commercial use of drones. It will also be useful in other sectors such as agriculture and disaster management. For agriculture, it can be used to map the soil, monitoring cultivation, spraying fertilizers, and pesticides, etc. Clubbed with corporate farming, drones can really bring revolution in the agriculture sector.”

A new era has begun. Soon you will witness drones delivering medicines and groceries all around you.” — Praveen Sinha

“Use of drones in disaster management and healthcare sector will open new avenues of opportunities for startups. Interestingly, there are several areas in India such as the Himalayan states which are very remote and inaccessible by motor-able roads. In the case of a disaster or a pandemic, it is very difficult to provide help to people living in those areas. Use of drones in such sectors will bring new hope for the people eventually enhancing good governance in the areas in context,” says Praveen Sinha.

Tour, travel, and hospitality are yet another area where drones are expected to bring complete remodeling. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the sector is witnessing continuous stress, putting several businesses on the brink of collapse. “It is indeed a difficult time for hospitality, tour, and travel businesses. The introduction of drones in the sector can ensure business traction as the technology in question can provide necessary solutions. Other than videography and photography, they can be very useful in ensuring social distancing, and touch-free services amongst others.”

For Praveen Sinha, India is a ripening nation for investments in the drone sector. With a number of business giants backing Indian UAV startups, the drone industry has received a greater interest of investors from within the nation and abroad. With the beginning of the pilot project ‘Medicine from the sky’ to provide delivery of medicines and vaccines in Telangana, we can consider it as the shubharambhof the non-military commercial use of drones.

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