Que Tha Poet is All About Focusing on Himself

Los Angeles rapper Que Tha Poet– Growing up facing a variety of obstacles, it was music that brought him to where he is today. Through his love for a vast collection of genres and artists and his interest in performing, he has worked his way up to releasing tracks with the rest of the world. “I want my music to be known for being authentically who I want to be and what I want to present myself as,” says Que.
Most recently, Que Tha Poet has put out two collaborations, “Odyssey” and “Adamsville”, with fellow rapper DeVon True. The first release that Que Tha Poet put out with DeVon True is a track called “Odyssey”. The buzzing track, Odyssey, garnered 50k+ views in a few short hours of its launch. The song’s mechanicals is fun, authentic and most of all, one of the hottest new songs of 2021. Casual interest turned to full-on friendship as the two recorded multiple tracks together.
To a nice flow to Que Tha Poet’s record of super hit songs, he is now releasing a track with Vory. This project, set to release around the end of the year, the exact date is yet to be announced. He is excited for the release of “Paranoid” with Vory as well which may feature a possible music video to pair with the single.
Be sure to check out Que Tha Poet’s music on all streaming platforms and keep up with him on social media for more information about upcoming projects and releases. Links to his social media and music streaming platforms are mentioned below:

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