Reaching the skies with his knowledge and astute skills in social media marketing is 20-year-old Instagram growth expert Cole Morgan.

The Cincinnati, OH youngster has so far garnered 2.5 million followers overall with his dexterity and talent in building and running Instagram pages.

No matter how much ever we talk about youngsters making it huge in business markets and the kind of momentum they gain in a very short span of time, it always feels much more discussion is needed here to talk more about their struggles, challenges they faced, how they overcame all of that and the success story they created for themselves. This is because other rising entrepreneurs can take huge inspiration from these journeys and sculpt their successful careers. Imprinting his name amongst the successful names in the social media marketing world is a Cincinnati, OH based youngster named Cole Morgan. He is a 20-year-old digital entrepreneur who is leaving no stone unturned to turn Instagram fruitful for his clients by growing and running their Instagram pages.

“If you can think and dream about it, you can even achieve it”, says Cole Morgan who believed in his dreams since he was a teenager and after realizing the significance of Instagram as a marketing platform, he dived deep into the same to carve his name as an Instagram growth expert and entrepreneur.

While he was in school in his 8th grade, he already had 40K followers on Instagram and after selling the page to his friends, he realized the amount of potential and income-earning opportunities Instagram has and can offer to people to build their career. This allowed the youngster to gain more knowledge about the social media platform and work towards creating more relevant strategies and techniques which could help him in growing, buying and selling Instagram pages.

At the naive age of 14, Cole Morgan earned 40K followers on his Instagram handle, made $30K in the first four months of owning his page @sluringz with a massive following of 2.5 million overall with running his meme pages. At 18, he went viral with a video and at 20, he got featured on an article.

However, the journey for this youngster so far was not a bed of roses and he had to face many personal tragedies and challenges in life to reach where he is today. After losing his loved ones one after the other, instead of losing hope, Cole Morgan decided to work even harder and make all of his loved ones proud of him.

Cole Morgan finds his peace in working on multiplying the presence and reach of his clients by growing and running their Instagram pages and brands and giving them their desired results in business through leveraging the power of Instagram.

If at only 20 this youngster can make it big in the social media marketing world, one can imagine the name he can create for himself in the coming years. Wait for it and till then, do not forget to follow him on Instagram @colesfeed.

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