Ready to conquer the world: Ahmad Rubani is more than just a singer.

Sometimes it so happens that a person is an influencer before they even realise it. Ahmad Rubani is one such person. The young man is a singer by profession, but one might wonder what about that, makes him so inspiring? Well, it’s his excellent sense of optimism and belief in his own abilities which makes him stand out from the crowd.

As a child, Ahmad Rubani would often find himself enthralled by the world of music and singing. He had first started out at the very young age of just 6 by copying songs which he heard on the radio. As Ahmad grew up, he found that this passion never really died. Instead, he would find himself humming in between classes and he would always sing for the school functions. As he got older and received more exposure to the internet- by this time YouTube had already become a common phenomenon- he was ready to take his enthusiasm for singing and music in general to the next level.

This decision was no surprise for those who knew Ahmad as the boy came from an artistically inclined family. His father is also a singer and what started out as just a child copying his parent started to slowly take the form of his future life.

When he was just starting out it was quite difficult for Ahmad to be a big star at once. However, he had anticipated this and instead didn’t let this preliminary failure bring him down. Ahmad would go to every event and occasion which would hire him as a singer- sometimes he went even when they wouldn’t pay him. As time passed the impressions that he had made at the beginning of his career started to pay off. More and more people began to call upon him and Ahmad soon found his schedule fully swamped.

Recently Ahmad has been using the power of the internet to take his career and his love for singing to heights he never thought he could achieve. At the age of 26, Ahmad has already has travelled far and wide and has been to countries such as Saudi Arabia Pakistan and Holland to perform. Nowadays all of his concerts are completely booked out and it is hard to find a ticket in time.

All this is because apart from having a mesmerizing voice and excellent composing skills, Ahmad Rubani also possesses street smarts. He knows what social media marketing is and has used this to his great advantage. Ahmad has an account on almost all the popular social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat. The handles for all of the above are a variation of the words “Official Rubani” and one, if interested, can easily look him up there.

Talking about the pros and cons of his career choice, Ahmad is very persuasive about one thing. It is his love for music in itself. He has always made it a point to sing about things and to compose songs that reflect his own mental state and the morals which he wants to portray in this world. He says that it is his ability to be relatable even while being 100% genuine that makes Ahmad love what he does. He believes that one can reach great heights if they just keep on striving for what they want the most and it is this philosophy that has let him carry on even in the face of adversity. Ahmad Rubani hopes that every person who wants to achieve something, will take inspiration from his journey and stick to their resolve until and unless they do justice to themselves.

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