Revenue from 5G services to be insignificant for late adopters, says Moody’s

An important role should be played by the adopter markets of Government to receive 5G services. The rating agency said in the report.

From Asia-Pacific region some Countries were late in aquiring 5G technology after 4G involving India. It may get unimportant revenue from the services, Moody’s Investors Service said in a report. China, Hong Kong and Malaysia’s governments had a great operator in early adopter markets. The rolling out the services of 5G to the people was much more important. Governments in late adopter markets will have to play an outstanding role, the rating agency said in the report.

“The four pioneer markets, which include (South) Korea and China, will maintain their lead in the adoption of 5G services. Among the four early adopter markets, Hong Kong SAR, China was the first to roll out 5G services. Its 5G adoption rate will be the highest. “Revenues from 5G services will be insignificant for the late adopter markets of Bangladesh, Indonesia and India,” the report added.

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Moody’s statement

If the government will grant a permission to lower the price of radiowaves, immediately the 5G services will begin. Telecom operators in India was waiting for that.

“Governments in the pioneer and early adopter markets have driven 5G momentum. Support typically comes in the form of reasonable spectrum prices and infrastructure planning,” the report said.

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By the end of 2021 a display release of 5G services was expected to come out from telecom operators in Singapore and Malaysia. By that time Operators from Hong Kong and the Philippines startedd 5G networks in April 2020 and year-end 2019, approximately.

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