Romanian Entrepreneur Rotariu George Is Focusing on Changing lives With His Bitcoin Work

Rotariu understands that a huge part of the reason we may find ourselves stuck in a difficult situation, is because we may not have the information necessary to help ourselves get out of it.

The ones who make it bounteous in their lives have humble beginnings and know the value of every luxury they own. The secret recipe to be successful is to just keep working hard. “There are no shortcuts to reach on top. After all, life is not an elevator. You have to climb the steps called trying, failing and repeating until you reach your destination called success”, quotes the celebrated entrepreneur and Rotariu George.

Rotariu George, 33, is a Romanian entrepreneur with his business roots and contacts present between Romania and the world. He is the man with diverse talents and is one of the budding names from the entrepreneurial world. Started working at a very early age in the field of business, he worked as a prominent investor before starting his own company ‘Bitcoin Romania’.

Rotariu is an example that crosses one’s mind who has made it big in the business world by using time effectively and wisely.
Having a clear vision, Rotariu had dedicated his early years in learning and focused more on what his interest lied in i.e. business.

Though he has punched his ticket to the elite class of successful entrepreneurs, Rotariu works hard to help others achieve the same results. He strives to educate as many people as possible on the opportunities that are available to us, that may be outside of the norm but are just as effective in helping us to achieve our end goals.
He is truly leading by example on how we can all change our situation if we are determined and strong-willed and truly believe that we can achieve any goal that we set our minds upon.
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