Root Robotics began as an exploration venture at Harvard College

Root Robotics began as an exploration venture at Harvard College two or three years back, and its Robot as of now looks extensively like a Roomba — it’s a little, round gadget that utilizes two wheels to drive around on a level surface.

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 It’s joined by an application that shows kids, how to program the robot to do an assortment of errands, such as drawing, making music or games, and that’s just the beginning. 

iRobot says that the securing will enable it “to diversify its instructive robot product contributions, further showing its promise to make automated innovation more available to instructors, students and guardians.” 

In doing as such, it’s joining the space involved by other comparative organizations, similar to Wonder Workshop, which produces Dash and Dot, and Learning Resource Botley, all of which show coding and programming through their own applications.

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