SAG Awards: Nicole Kidman, Dan Levy, Emma Corrin and More Nominees Praise Their Co-Stars

From Amy Adams and Glenn Close to Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, some nominated talents share their view about their onscreen counterparts and why they are worthy of the awards. Their say is written below-

Amy Adams and Glenn Close:-

Adams:- “There was a particularly challenging day: We were shooting in Georgia, it was about 103 degrees, and we were all in direct sunlight and doing our best. It was toward the end of the day, and we were doing the last part of a scene that was incredibly emotional and intense, and I realized that I had not heard a word of complaint from Glenn Close all day. Not only that, there had only been encouragement and positivity and hard work, and I just remember thinking, ‘That is the person I want to be. That is the actor I want to be.’ The passion for her craft is still so fresh and so tangible; when you’re around her, it’s like an energy field, really. But also, she has such compassion for others, and I think her ability to connect and to experience life in the way that Glenn does, it’s a beautiful thing. And she’s got a great sense of humor.”

Close:- “My favourite moments were when we were all at the Kentucky house location shooting the Vance family gathering. Amy was in her cutoff denim overalls with that great wig. She looked so completely different from how I had ever seen her. I had never hung out with her before, so I really didn’t know how completely she had changed her look. We kind of Stayed in character during that day, practicing the accent and the physicality of our characters. We laughed a lot that day- around the edges of the scenes and in them. Amy’s ferocity as Bev was inspiring. Amy respects acting as a craft, and she is a master craftswoman. She has great concentration and emotional truth. She is incredibly alive- questioning, honing and challenging each moment. Her supreme craftsmanship is not self-conscious, it is natural and passionate.”

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant:-

Kidman:- “Hugh and I were doing a very heavy scene in ‘The Undoing’ down by the side of the Hudson[River] where I pushed him. Our director, Susanne Bier, came running over and goes, ‘Don’t push him [hard]!’ and Hugh, without hesitation, replied, ‘Oh, push me.’ That’s what it’s like working with him. He trusts the people he’s working with and wants to be pushed and challenged and in return will do the same for us. That’s an important part of working together-trust. Also, when you really click, then you sort of sit and talk and share things and open up. Also, Hugh is incredibly honest. I’m always saying, ‘Hugh, shush, you can’t say that!'”

Grant:- “It was always a treat just to watch Nicole act- such a mistress of her craft. But my favourite moments were probably getting her to give meall the dirt on her personal history. She was fascinating and funny. And I am like Marilyn Chambers when it comes to gossip: insatiable.”

Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin:-

O’Connor:- “Most of the time, I was like, ‘What the fuck is going on? She’s nailing it every time.’ I remember the first time I was like ‘I don’t know how Emma’s got this all down’ was the scene with the engagement announcement. What Emma and I have always talked about is, [with] The Crown, people often think ‘Oh, it’s amazing that people make characters that are just like the real person.’ But in reality, they’re not. You take elements of Diana, but what Emma did was take it beyond that. In that scene, there were movements that Diana was doing in [real life] that were interesting, and Emma had studied it really well. That was our job in those moments, to remind people of that time, but what Emma is so smart at is going, ‘What can I add that adapts the story?’ That moment was a particularly good one.”

CORRIN:- “The moment where Josh shouts at me, ‘It’s Camilla, it’s always been Camilla,’ was just so insane because he was the furthest from Josh that I’ve ever [seen], and I was genuinely terrified. When Josh turns back at the end of that scene and he says, ‘Take it up with the people who arranged it ,’ it was so good. I just wanted to watch him; I had to remember that I was meant to be acting. I was so tempted to just be like, ‘Wow’ (clapping), and then I remembered that we were doing the scene. The other thing was when we were in Spain and we were doing this really intense scene, and these flies kept landing on Josh’s face when he was trying to do his monologue. He was just such a trooper- we kept having to reshoot the scene. I remember we’d be going for the 10th time, and this fly would just sit on his nose, and I’d just see in his eyes this despair.”

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