Samrat Abhay Thorat’s Journey Of Being The Change In The Society.

In today’s world achieving financial goals is comparatively easier with knowledge and consistency, however, people often misunderstand it as success. Real success lies behind being the change in society and no one knows this better than Samrat Abhay Thorat. Hailing from Pune, Maharastra, this guy has proved that one can get all they deserve just by their honesty. Currently, he is the corporator(councilor) from BJP in PMC(Pune Municipal Corporation).

After getting elected as the youngest corporator from PMC at the age of 26, Samrat’s achievements knew no bounds. He won in prabhag Khadakmal Aali- Mahatma Phule Peth against 5 term congress corporator and Pune’s first lady Mayor Kamal Vyavhare.

Kickstarting his career as city president for a social organization named Sambhaji Brigade, Samrat has come a long way, and currently, he is a member of the law committee and name committee member of PMC.

On asking further about what motivated him to be at public service, he said, ” The Thorat family has been serving mankind for 50 years and I wish to continue its legacy. My late great grandfather was Pune city mayor and MLA and my grandfather has been a youth icon who taught wrestling to needy ones for free.” Adding to it, Samrat also revealed that his entire family is very close to Ganesh Utsav the event is very close to Punekar’s heart, Hirabaug Mitra Mandal, and famous Akhil Mandai Mandal (Sharda Ganpati) for ages.

Samrat Abhay is still thriving hard to help people to make their dreams come true. Be it resolving traffic issues in his prabhag or ward to build municipal schools and digitalize education, the eminent personality is working tirelessly. Samrat firmly believes in gender equality hence he is also working towards planning skill development programs for women and beneficiary government schemes for transgenders.

Even during this pandemic, while the fortunate people were at home, Samrat helped the needy people by distributing 3500+ grocery kits and 45000+ food packets. By arranging health checkup camps, blood donation camps, and plasma donation camps during the pandemic he has not only saved several lives but has also become the youth icon himself. Samrat has also helped several sports aspirants by helping them in their financial troubles.

On asking about his dreams, he says, “ My ward consists of people from all religions and all backgrounds. Be it water issues, road issues, or drainage line issues, I along with my people have done everything to resolve those. My only goal is to ensure that my ward should be on the top of PMC.” We all know that his way will be full of challenges but it’s no doubt that his honesty will drive him towards his goals.

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