Sardar Guy named Manmeet Singh from Amritsar and upcoming model participated in dernier cri campaign shoot held in Jammu

Manmeet is an upcoming star from Amritsar. The model has already achieved success in the modelling world and is all set now to make a mark in acting :

Actor-model Manmeet Singh Gogna exudes excellence in each role that he plays and shows promise as a future model.The most attractive passion and industries of today’s youth are actors and models. As every coin has two sides, the entertainment world also has its own pros and cons, one side which attracts the youngsters to enter the industry is – Popularity, Stardom, Money, High profile lifestyle. These are some parameters that seem very glossy. Where common people are unaware of the other side – highly competitive, very long working hours, a lot of traveling, long hours standing for shooting, high critics, and very tricky for any outsider to hold its command in this huge ocean. To be an actor and model for a newcomer or we can say an outsider is very difficult, as there will be no support or guidance from anyone.
Manmeet’s dream is to work with renowned brands and to act in songs. His hard work and patience have paid off and he is all set to move ahead in his acting and modelling career. The Past actor is currently working on a big project, which will be announced soon, and is ready for release.

In the last one-and-a-half years, the Covid pandemic has impacted many lives and industries. Manmeet, too was affected by it. But he did not give up and waited for the right time. He diverted his mind with another art, which was craft and skills, which helped him immensely to keep his mind positive and keep himself calm in this crucial time.

Manmeet strongly believes that “if a person is willing to do something in life, whatever it is, just focus on that perspective. When you try again and again, and we succeed in our goal, then the celebration of success is more enjoyable.”

“For someone who has no big support, living in a city like Amritsar was tough. But now, I see a silver lining with my films up for release and more work following,” said the Actor and Modelling ‘The Past’ actor.

Manmeet is confident that things will now fall in place. “I was distressed with everything going haywire. But, then in the lean phase, I started working on my craft and skills. Now, I feel more positive.

Some good work has happened in the unlock phase and next I’m shooting a big project that will be announced soon. With my projects too gearing up for release I’m getting a feeling that my time will come now,” he said on a confident note.

The world of glamour and modelling is always visualised as branded clothes, branded cars, high-profile lifestyles and more, but the backstage life and hard work are totally beyond the understanding of common people.

Manmeet’s dream is to work with renowned brands and to act in songs and his hard work and patience has paid off and he is all set to move in his acting and modelling career. ‘The Past’ actor is currently working on his big project which will be announced soon and is ready for release. The actor very happily and confidently expressed his feeling – “ I’m getting a feeling that my time will come now.” And will surely win the heart of audience with his skills. Manmeet has already achieved much success in modelling world and he will definitely put his benchmark in acting world equally with the release of his big project for which he has grinded himself to give his best.

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