Shoaib aka Shobi Malik is now a famous TikTok star

Muhammad Shoaib is popularly known as ‘Shobi Malik’, and he is a well-known Indian Tik Tok star, model, fashion blogger, and influencer. Shobi is a young digital content creator from Pakistan and is a highly popular artist amongst the TikTok and Instagram community. Mr. Malik has gradually earned his fame by making interesting videos on TikTok. He is one of the most prized viral models and actors who rose to fame through his brief funny video clips and musical lip-syncs videos on TikTok.

Mr. Malik is a social medial influencer and holds a huge fan following on social media. He has more than half a million followers and multiple million likes on TikTok. He is also well recognized on Instagram and has more than 120k followers on Instagram.

TikTok is a platform to share and view short-form mobile videos. The videos can be edited with various kinds of filters, effects, and music tracks available there itself. Over the last year, our lives have gone through an unusual change. But TikTok has given many youngsters a platform to showcase their talents and skills in acting. Actors like Shobi Malik are now famous because of TikTok and its combined usage with other social media apps. Other social media apps like YouTube also have given him over 100k fanbase for his videos there.

The childhood of Shobi has been a rather humble one, unlike now, wherein he drives luxury sports cars and lives in the most beautiful stays all over the world. His second love for life is travel and leisure, and he is actively seizing the day in those fields. With his charming looks and attractive smile, Shobi is also into modeling for brands and businesses. It is with his sheer dedication and confidence to achieve wonders in life, Shobi is moving ahead towards success.

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