Shreyasee Konar on Global Harmony through Art

Rich or poor, happy or sad; there is not a single person who doesn’t notice art. What it makes them feel is an extremely personal experience. From paintings indoors to signboards on streets, art is everywhere.

Global issues that can’t be put together in words, find solace within art. Posters and documentaries communicate messages that would be extremely difficult to present in normal conversation. Colours speak, they bring out an emotion within individuals and crowds. Those who can’t read or write, can still understand symbols because they are derived from our daily lives.

From my experience of presenting my artworks in front of various cultures across 11 countries, I have realised that this language is universal. Even a 1 minute silent animation speaks volumes, if the audience is ready to ‘listen’. An abstract painting or sculpture can converse without a form and a graphic can communicate just through negative space. These little nuisances can be identified depending on how much the audience is ready to accept and value art, irrespective of the medium.

Despite it being such a powerful tool, many people expect it to be done for ‘free’. Diminishing it to something that is just ‘beautiful to look at’ rather than a work of imagination and labour.

Connecting; art with art, art with people, and people with people is crucial. Identifying the significance of my creative style and constantly being open to business opportunities has not only helped me grow as an artist but also, make a mark for myself in the global industry. I am constantly open to growing and networking, continuously using my artworks, paintings, designs and animations to create a bridge.

Here is a piece of poetry that came to my mind while thinking of ‘Global Harmony through Art’ and the current situation of unrest:


The ruckus of existence
Is what intervenes
Builds up
And breaks
Tiny bits flying around
Hitting on the face
Right and about
The ruckus of existence
No one knows about
Every single moment
Moving like a wave
Every single moment
Standing there
In peace
In solidarity
In the demands
Of understanding
The ruckus of existence
That we hardly acknowledge
Building walls to segregate
The ones that can’t
Instead of integrating
With the ones that can
What is this?
Apologising for no reason
Looking for mercy
In a merciless world
Do not forget
The ruckus of existence

  • By Shreyasee Konar

As Malcolm Forbes rightfully said: “Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.”

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