Siddharth Sharma nails the character “Bala” an LGBTQ character in DECOUPLED streaming on Netflix and trending 3 in India

The series “DECOUPLED” streaming on Netflix, starring R Madhvan as Arya and Surveen Chawla as Shruti in the leads, is trending No. 3 in India. 

The series talks about how a young couple has fall out of love and are moving towards Divorce and throws a decoupling party. When we move forward with the series, in Episode 7, we see a scene where a “Gay Couple” is interacting with Arya and Shruti.

Siddharth Sharma, who was roped for the character of “Bala” in the series, did an incredible job and is totally proud of his performance. Siddhartha Sharma, who was roped for the character of “Bala” in the series, did an incredible job and is totally proud of his performance. 
Arya as a character has an uncompromised sense of objectivity and transparency, and who speaks his mind in spite of hilarious outcomes. 

Siddharth Sharma, taking up a bold step portrayed the character to BALA and shared some worthy insights when we asked him about his experience and his journey of BALA; he said that it requires self-faith and courage within to do something different and out of the comfort zone. He whole heartedly thanks Hardik Mehta, Trishaan Shubham casting, Aditya Kumar and Deepak Sir for supporting and encouraging him for the role.

When we spoke to him, he said “As an actor, many actors, I mean ‘Male Actors’ don’t feel comfortable in playing these characters. Characters like Gays, Transgenders or any other from the #LGBTQ Community. They feel awkward or they feel they will be questioned about their sexual preferences. But I was comfortable playing Bala and gave my 100% to the character.” The director of the series Hardik Mehta and Casting Director Mr Trishaan also praised the performance. According to them, Siddharth Sharma is certainly going to make it big in the industry soon.

He adds “Males playing Males characters is easy and in their comfort zone, I was always waiting to play a character out of my comfort zone and I feel blessed playing Bala and I totally support and love the #LGBTQ community. I loved the experience I got while working on my character Bala and will always be thankful enough for being bestowed with the opportunity to work and experience a close relation with LGBTQ community.”

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