SkyWay Group Enhances its Portfolio with World Cup Sponsorship and More

SkyWay Group is set to see its stock rise in the coming years. The company is creating a name for itself with several involvements in construction of the technology through numerous subsidiaries. SkyWay Group of Companies controls SkyWay Capital which was launched in 2014 to self-finance the projects. They also own and control other companies like “SWIG International Ltd.” registered in London and “SkyWay Capital Inc.” which is registered in Saint Lucia. These companies function to collect funds for SkyWay projects.

The company was established in Belarus, operated from an office complex in Minsk and registered under several business names including “Euro Asian Rail Skyway Systems Holding Ltd.”, “First SkyWay Invest Group Limited” and “Global Transport Investment Inc.”. All the subsidiaries are located in the British Virgin Islands, London and Saint Lucia respectively. In an exciting piece of news SkyWay Group revealed that it is seeking potential investors from all over the world for the development of an elevated rail transport technology they refer to as SkyWay. This outreach for investors  has been championed by all companies under SkyWay Group. Their main task is financing the SkyWay project for the soonest introduction of an innovative transport system in the market. The rapid development of civilization expresses a need for breakthrough technologies and SkyWay is far ahead of our times.

SkyWay Invest Group

The company’s quest to take on the Rail SkyWay System has seen the team seek investment education from experts. These personnel were reportedly brought in to teach the team how to save and multiply their capital choosing the optimal tools for our portfolio.

They aim to combine 2 projects

  • Educational investment project of Academy Private Investment

  • High tech Euroasian Rail SkyWay Systems Ltd.

Why does the world need it?

  • Environmentally friendly technology

  • Dozens of times fewer resources on construction than other types of transport

  • Low Fares

  • Possibility to get the hardest to reach settlements

  • High level of safety

  • The highest speed of movement along the ground 500 km/h


Skyway is also Sponsoring in FIFA 2022 QATAR

Skyway has always participated actively in sports events where it takes the opportunity to promote new talent from the Grassroot level of different social backgrounds. Skyway believes in building a nation with smart, confident & enterprising individuals. Skyway also invests in the health industry and makes sure to support Green startups.

Today, you have the opportunity to be part of the pioneering stage of this project. Would you let this pass? Or would you take action now. We are all living in a new era of powerful global forces that are changing how we used to live and work, and everybody should focus on searching for the project of their dreams, and Skyway is surely the one. So what are you waiting for?? Join us, it’s time to work hard to start making your dreams become reality. This is your chance, right here right now, to achieve your goals and to change your life.

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