Sohel Asmal: A Journey of a Young man from a small village in Gujarat to Canada as a successful businessman and Vlogger

Sohel Asmal is a self made man as far as his achievements are concerned. The 31 year old young man is in Ontario, Canada. He has come a long way before he reached this cool destination. His journey from a small village to Canada has been incredible. He hails from a small village Kathor near Surat. He was good in sports that led his selection in the district level under 19 Cricket when he was 14. His college was completed from Surat and then his life changed that soon brought him to Canada in 2010 at the age of 21. 

He wanted to be a cricketer as he played well in his college days as well but things did not allow him to get the chance to play for his country. He then headed to Canada where he started working in a restaurant working as a cashier in 2011. His interest in Vlogging brought him on YouTube and he created his YouTube channel. He has been incredible in his passion that kept him adding a number of Vlogs. Meanwhile, he got the chance to work in the world largest food chain industry as a General Manager. 

After working a few years, he finally said goodbye to his job in 2018 and then he embarked with his own venture dealing with transport. He kept his passion continued for Vlogging and now has become a popular face on YouTube getting sizable number of views on his Vlogs. He is married and lives with his family in Canada. In fact, before heading to Canada, he got married and later brought his wife to his new destination, while his brother and parents still stay in Gujarat. He is humble in nature and very friendly and intends to go a long way in his career. 

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