Squared realty’s broker and president – Derek Cavan is changing the way real estate is done with a hospitality-first approach

Derek Cavan owns “Squared Realty” and offers incredible real estate services, turning people’s home dreams into reality.

Out of the many things that people generally dream about,  owning a home is one thing that is at the top of their wish list.  It is a dream that people work all their lives to fulfil and turn into a reality. The real estate industry is filled with many astute professionals, brokers, and entrepreneurs who guide people towards their home ownership dreams and fulfil them. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such brilliant broker and entrepreneur in the industry named Derek Cavan, who today is a prominent name as a real estate expert and has earned the trust of many satisfied clients from Florida to Nevada.

Wondering who is Derek Cavan? Well, this passionate broker is all about drive and innovative visions to take over the real estate industry in more ways than one. He owns “Squared Realty” and has been a renowned broker for nearly two decades in the residential and commercial real estate industry. Talking about his journey, he says that everything began for him in 2004 in South Florida when he began assisting sellers and buyers with business and residential brokerage transactions.  In addition, Derek Cavan also specialized in selling liquor licenses. In 2007 he attained his real estate brokers license and launched Cavan Real Estate Co., which now is known as The Cavan Group, serving Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties.

In 2018 Derek Cavan with his family moved to Las Vegas and he launched Squared Realty to grow further in the industry and take customer service and satisfaction to the next level in the real estate space. They have today become experts in the process of home buying and selling with their many clients, acquiring business opportunities like bars/lounges, restaurants, and nightclubs, purchasing investment properties like condos, vacant land, single-family homes, shopping plazas, and much more.

There is a lot more that Derek Cavan aspires to learn and do, even after being an expert in the industry. He wants to keep inspiring greatness in the industry and take the real estate space to the next level for years to come.

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