Sunil Gavaskar claims “Looks like it will end in a draw” on WTC Final

Sunil Gavaskar thinks that the final match of ETC between India and New Zealand will end up in a tie after the rain interrupted, yet again in the 4th Day first session. So his ultimate prediction was that the Black caps and the Indians will have to share the WTC Final trophy. Moreover the 4th day was considered to be washed off completely. There is hardly anything better now. Only one session was conducted. And moreover, the weather forecast predicts that there will be ample amount of rain throughout the day. Sunil Gavaskar shared hos thought son Aaj Tak News Channel.

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With 3 more inning awaited to be played, the draw is likely to previal in Southampton. However Sunil Gavaskar thinks that there should have been some parameter to justify as in who should have been considered a winner ultimately. Afterall, winner can be one in such prestigious matches.

“There should have been some way to decide a winner. In the 2019 World Cup, we saw the team that hit the most boundaries lift the trophy. Due to the pandemic, the table was decided based on percentage points rather than outright points. The goalpost kept shifting throughout the World Test Championship, which wasn’t fair for any team. They should have considered all things and developed a criteria to decide a winner,” Sunil Gavaskar signed off.

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The decision to conduct the match at this place has received red flags from everyone, especially to ICC for their mismanagement of the entire event.Stay tuned to The Midget Herald for the latest updates on cricket.

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