Taking over the digital space with her one of a kind social media marketing company is ace ‘mom’preneur Jennifer Brooks.

This US-based powerful woman entrepreneur has shown grit, passion and commitment to taking her clients to exponential levels of success through her firm.

It is quite surreal to know and learn about all those people who run behind attaining excellence in whatever they take on their hands. They wish to create their unique niche by going under the grind and making relentless efforts to make it through even amidst much competition in their chosen industries. In some way or the other, all these people also go ahead in inspiring others through their journey and instill their hearts with a lot of hope and positivity to take on their dreams. The best example of a woman entrepreneur, today from the US, is of Jennifer Brooks. She is a loving mother, wife and aces the game of business all at once as a true blue professional, who is driven by her aim to take her social media marketing firm to the next level by taking all her clients to exponential levels of success.

Jennifer Brooks is the Founder and CEO at International Loops, which is today considered as the longest-running social media advertising company, pioneering the industry with celebrity-hosted campaigns called Exclusive Advertising. This distinctive feature of the company is all about harnessing the power of the celebrity’s audience and creating valuable results through the same.

Looking at the success her company, International Loops has attained today, it surprises people when they learn that Jennifer Brooks has been a college dropout and with her passion and determination to create something of her own and sculpt the career she desired, has gone ahead in creating a multi-million dollar company, all by herself, thanks to her strong self-belief and mental fortitude.

International Loops, under her leadership, has been growing leaps and bounds and has also taken clients towards their goals, helping them gain the presence and growth they desired on the digital space. To know more about the firm, follow it on Instagram @internationalloops.

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