Taking the dropshipping industry to exponential levels of success is a leading entrepreneur, James Parry, aka Jay.

Since the start of the lockdown in the UK, Jay has worked relentlessly, making 7 figures in profit with running dropshipping stores.

No matter how much ever we speak about different people exuding high levels of passion and talent in their respective fields, it only feels much more discussions are needed around the same. More and more youngsters have been excelling in the digital world, especially after seeing a constant surge in its growth, diving into the same to build their career stronger. This has launched them forward in the industry to pose as a shining example for others to take inspiration from. People today depend on e-commerce stores online for fulfilling all their needs and demands of life, which has allowed many professionals to enter the industry and take it to the next level with their uniqueness and innovativeness in the aspect of dropshipping. James Parry, aka Jay, leaves no stone unturned as a dropshipping entrepreneur whose success story acts as a case study for many others in the industry.

“My journey into reaching the e-commerce world has been a roller coaster ride. Before I could make it big with my dropshipping business, I have had to go under the grind, do multiple jobs as I dropped out of college and then discovered dropshipping much later,”, says Jay recalling about his journey so far. He says that he has tried to put in every experience of his working with different companies and blended it well with his knowledge in social media marketing as well, which he did earlier. This helped him enter the dropshipping industry much stronger and confident and helped him motivate and mentor others in their journeys.

While he continuously hopped from one job to another, Jay had realized that his true calling was something else and he desired to build his own business. Ask him what keeps him unique from others and the young entrepreneur says that he keeps it real. Also, he has helped many others grow their brands and create an online income. Bailey Knight, his good friend and business partner in just two years, hit 7 figures during the lockdown in the UK under his mentorship.

Instead of giving up hope, Jay decided to work harder during the lockdown and utilized and maximized the time and opportunities that came by his way, which led his business to grow manifold and hit 7 figures. He also owns many luxurious cars that prove the lifestyle the young entrepreneur has created for himself. Do connect with him on Instagram @jaye to know more.

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