Tea Sea The Upcoming R&B Sensation who has already created a buzz with his latest Single “Vitals”


The year 2021 is seeing a plethora of emerging artists who are extremely talented making their mark on the R&B landscape. These artists have allured the audiences with their acts and have created the right buzz around by giving hits after hits leaving a remarkable imprint on the western music forum. One such is an American native and R&B singer who is gaining massive attention for his exceptional vocal ability and smooth production. He is Tea Sea who has come out with his latest rhythmic R&B Trap track “Vitals”, that evokes a wide range of emotions of love in the listeners.
Tea Sea, the Norfolk, VA-born Odenton, MD-residing artist, debuted in 2018, with his independent mixtape named “Kaleidoscope Jellyfish”. Before diving into the music industry professionally, he had proved his mettle as a spoken-word poet, performed at events like 2012 Festival Internationale de Louisiane and even published his lyrics in poetry anthologies. He takes great liking and inspiration to artists like Kid Cudi, Future and Lil Wayne, the reflections of such can be seen through his work. Tea Sea was able to release three singles this year and many are in the pipeline already, that proves how lockdown acted as a catalyst to his creativity and inspiration.
Talking about his latest single “Vitals”, Tea Sea expresses how it took him a real experience to create this soulful piece of music to which the audience can connect. His R&B track falls in the contemporary genre of music. “Creating music and writing lyrics that are found relatable by people, which also give them their calm, is a rare occasion. However, Vitals does exactly that and I am glad people could identify with the anxiety and the many other emotions I poured with all my heart into the single,” says the music artist. The inspiration behind it sprung from mental mania which one usually experiences after falling in love with someone. It exposes ones’s insecurities and with this song he wanted to project the feeling of anxiety one feels in love accurately. To sum up, it basically touches the darker and uncomfortable side of love one tends to ignore and captures the difference between the romanticized version of love versus how it takes place in reality which makes the track insiteful and emotional while being catchy and groovy.
This rising young artist, who debuted into the music space in 2018 in a short span of time, has been able to create his unique space in the competitive industry of America. When asked about his plans going ahead, the rapper and singer says, “I want to take my tracks onto live stages and make my music known on a global platform.” This year, Tea Sea has signed a major record label deal and going to collaborate with big names in the industry.
In case you loved his latest single, look forward to a whole album coming your way.

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