Teen Ness The Kid Is Disrupting The Hip-Hop Industry

The path to success is often filled with failures. But for some like ‘Ness The Kid’, it’s the most fun and exciting journey of their lifetime!

19 Year Old Ness The Kid is the hot name in town! What does he do? Well, he has become a wildly popular name in the Hip-Hop industry. Ness, a recording artist from Long Island , New York has vigilantly and quickly carved out a niche to make a name for himself.

The songs of Ness The Kid have hit the crowd’s emotions positively and Gen Z wants to hear more from the kid. Ness’ debut single ‘Molly Girl’ is a melodious and energy-packed combination of rap, melody, and hip-hop. In the song, he speaks about a brutal break-up but then spinning it into a positive. The song hit home in th…
[10:40 am, 23/11/2020] Shaheer Ansari CloutNews: Teenage Boy Ness The Kid Is Disrupting The Music Industry

Once in a long while, there comes a talent in the Music Showbiz industry which shakes up the entire status-quo and we think we have found the right fit for this disruption! It’s a teenage boy from Long Island, New York who has been wreaking havoc on the viewer counts across all the streaming platforms. Meet ‘Ness The Kid’! The upcoming mega-star in hip-hop.

At the tender age of nineteen, Ness has managed to hit a home run and has no plans to stop. He is a hip-hop recording artist which the crowd has increasingly begun to love. ‘Molly Girl’, his debut single showcases Ness utilizing his skillful melodic voice to flow through the pop-sounding beats. The song went viral with Fortnite gamers and was used extensively in gameplay videos, montages, and compilations. Molly Girls revolves around a brutal break-up, but Ness surprises the fans by spinning it into a positive later on in the song. It’s a must-listen.
From being featured in the Elevator’s ‘Top Upcoming Artists’ to being published by No Jumper, the coolest pop-culture oriented podcast in the world with over 3.5 million subscribers on youtube, Ness has evidently gone all-in into the game. His vibrant personality and melodic tunes got him recognized by American Journalist Adam John Grandmaison.

Ness The Kid has 80k monthly listeners on Spotify. His song ‘Love Me’ is one of his best performances so far that has streamed 1.2 million times on Spotify. Elevator Sounds spoke ostentatiously about the artist saying “Ness The Kid 19-year-old artist out of Huntington, Long Island has been getting massive recognition recently from his songs “Stacked Up” & “Love Me” as they have accumulated millions of streams on Soundcloud. Ness is truly in his own lane, with his distinct sound & unique look, he really should be looking forward.”

It is only a matter of time before the young artist breaks into the mainstream! Consistency is key in this industry, and Ness looks to 2021 with more music and visuals. He has got bigger projects planned and the hip-hop thrill will definitely be maintained. An expected collab content with Fetty Wap is also in the upcoming schedule.

All the afore-mentioned under his belt in his teenage years, None of you should be surprised if you see this kid becoming an oscar-winning artist soon!

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