Telegram Finally Gets Group Video Calls Support With New Update

Telegram has brought group video calls for its mobile and desktop users. In this new update screen can be shared to other users during group video calls. Telegram has also introduced animated backgrounds and emoji was alsobl introduced.

Group video calls in Telegram was prior decided to arrive one year before. Users who are using mobile devices, tabs, and desktops can easily convert group audio chats into video conference calls. The new move by the London-built immediate messaging app takes on the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Apple’s FaceTime, many such big platform liked the . As a result, Telegram has showed a handful of interface-level changes In this latest update. Now a days, people are obsessed with great emojis. With emojis, Telegram also bought new animation things. It involves the addition of animated backgrounds were fully animated, new message can be send with animations, and new animated emoji. The updated Telegram also includes a special menu button for bots.

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Telegram group video calls

Telegram brings the most important change. It helped for users to change their group audio conversations into video calls. As many people prefer and search for face time now. Users only have to click a camera icon located in group audio call in order to turn on their video. Since permited, one can pin one of your group members to see their video on the front. Telegram has also provided the option to share your screen. One can also screen share his screen so that everyone can see it. Even at the same time, both your camera feed and screen.

Users on tablets and desktops get additional support during video calls, where they can open the side panel and see a split-screen view of the video grid and list of participants.

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As well as users will also have the ability for selective screensharing on Desktops. Users can air only an individual program during their group video calls. This is alike to how you can share a particular screen from your desktop when using Zoom.

Desktop users will also get members pinned automatically when they share their screen. Further, voice chats will be available on desktops in a separate window. It let users type and talk without leaving their other important tasks.

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