Telegram with New Animated Backgrounds and Emoji Feature? You need to check this now

Telegram animated backgrounds, message animations

Latest update of Telegram also include new interface-level changes. The prominient changes include animated backgrounds that have multi-colour gradient wallpapers. These are generated algorithmically and move each time when you send a message. It also allows uers to create your own animated backgrounds by selecting multiple colours and patterns. Once you have created, you can also share your backgrounds with your contacts.

The update has also enabled animation effects that appear when you send a message. You will also notice new animation effects when sending media files through Telegram. Further, iOS users have received two new gradient app icons that are available for access through Settings > Appearance in the app.

For iOS devices, there is also a new login reminder that will appear in Settings that lets you quickly update your phone number. Android users will get a similar login reminder in the next update.

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Telegram’s latest update has launched a menu button specifically for bots where users can browse and send commands with a single tap, instead of typing commands in the textbox.

You can get the updated Telegram on your device by downloading its latest version. It is available for download on iOS through the App Store and Android via Google Play store. Desktop users can also download the update directly from the Telegram site.

Telegram has moreover allowed improved noise suppression in voice chats. It totally helped to make audio clearer. Telegram has this unique feature where users can disable noise crushing if they want some of the ambient noise to seep into the call.

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