Ten Killed in suicide bomb attack in Somali capital

Ten people had been killed due to a suicide bomb attack in the Somali Capital on Saturday. When al Shabaab Islamists targeted two army bases, the attact comes. The governor said that a suicide bomber attacked makeshift kiosks in the area of Somali capital after the hitting as the militants strucked into two National Army bases outside the city.

Information Ministry spokesman Ismail Mukhtar Omar said, “A suicide bomber blew up himself under trees where poor mothers sold tea, milk and (narcotic leaf) khat”. He added that some more people have been wounded in the attack except the killed ones.

al Shabbad, which was the reason of the attacks of on the Bariire and Awdhigle army bases in the past, had not taken any reponsibility this time.

The army told in the past that there had been wounded people on both of the sides due to those attacks. It added, now everything had been under control.

Witnesses said that, in the bases, which were located about 100 km(60 miles) in the southwest part of Mogadishu, two explosions were occured. The third explosion’s target was a supervision of armed forces who were rushing towards bases from the capital after the attack, they said too.

Militants of al Shabaab, which was involved in al-Qaeda, have been hired for the attacks throughout the years. They had bludgeoned taxes on business in a campaign to proclaim strict religious law.

A military officer Hussein Nur has told that the army has lost “several” soldiers due to the attack but can’t tell the exact number.

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