The BCCI planning to auction media rights by 2021 end.

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From 2023, it’s possible that the month of March will be accessible for the commencement of the IPL. It will be simple for the board to schedule 90 matches between ten teams in such a circumstance. In the future, the BCCI and the industry anticipate a minimum 25% growth in the value of media rights. Due to the Corona epidemic, the OTT space has grown dramatically in compared to television transmissions. In the next days, the OTT space may potentially play a significant role in the media rights auction.

No word on compensation package yet, over 400 umpires, match officials  await payment from BCCI- The New Indian Express

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Some players may opt to go to the auction rather than be cut from the team. The reason for this is that two additional teams have been added to the budget as a result of the rise in the budget amount. There may be a bidding war to buy players for franchise clubs in such a circumstance. Some well-known Indian cricketers may also participate in the auction. For more updates on sports, celebrities, Hollywood, technology and business, stay updated to the latest posts of The Midget Herald.

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