So the final episode of the falcon and the winter soldier is out now where now Sam is Captain America. The episode begins with the flag smashers planning an attack on the GRC conference. Karli Morgenthau spots Sam in the sky. Bucky is on the ground and Sharon is there to assist.

When Sam enters the building in his Captain America suit , he is confronted by Batroc, who has allied himself with the flag smashers. They fight and then falcon leaves.

Now the flag smasher’s plan is to force GRC to escape the building by using smoke grenades, and then kill them in their covered vans and helicopters. On the ground, Bucky chases the hijacked vehicles, while Sam takes care of the choppers.

Karli and other Flag-Smashers create a distraction for Bucky by setting covered vehicle on fire. Bucky is forced the door of the van using his Wakandan hand.

He succeeds eventually. And suddenly, John Walker, still in Cap uniform and a counterfeit vibranium shield that he built himself, is here, and he attacks Karli, who says she just wants to kill the GRC people and Lemar’s death was an accident.

One of the armoured vehicles is about to tip over a bridge but, and this is where it gets interesting, John stops it for the time being.

And when he falls on the ground, Sam is here, using the power of his suit to keep the vehicle on the bridge. John Walker is helping Sam, and Bucky is something which we did not see coming.

Karli escapes. She is confronted by Sharon, and it is finally revealed that she is the Power Broker. Batroc is here too and demands four times the payment.

Sharon shoots him, and she is shot, though not in a destructive way by Karli. Sam arrives on the scene. Before Karli can shoot him, Sharon kills her. Karli dies in Sam’s arms.

Sam flies towards the GRC members with Karli’s body. They and Sam have a long conversation about whether Flag-Smashers can be called terrorists and whether their goals were noble.

GRC decides to suspend the decision to redraw borders. Oh, and Sam is officially MCU’s Captain America.

Rest of the Flag-Smashers, who were being taken to the prison, are killed by a man working for Baron Zemo.

A scene has Valentine Allegra de Fontaine sitting with Walker’s wife Olivia Walker. Walker appears in the US Agent suit assuming given to him by Valentine and the strange people she is working with.

Sam meets Isaiah who approves of Sam’s actions and decision to become Captain America. Sam takes Isaiah to the Smithsonian, where there is a new exhibit featuring him and his sacrifices.

The episode reveals the new title of the show: Captain America and the Winter Soldier, which is almost the same as the second Captain America movie.

In the mid-credits scene, Sharon Carter is pardoned and she is once again an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. But she has other plans and boasts to another person on the phone that she may not have super-soldiers anymore, but now has access to top U.S. secrets.

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