The Higher Life CBD Dispensary is known to provide the best cannabis experience in the town.

Brandon Howard is focused on providing cannabis to the midwest community as well and make it a normal thing just as it is in the western community. “What those out of state may not realize is the Indiana cannabis community is very strong; we try our best to do our part”, said Howard. During an interview with L.A. Weekly, he said that he is very proud and this has many news articles, rented billboards for commercial purposes. There have also been very successful in marketing their products on social media which has managed to hit the bull’s eye as people are getting to know about the brand and their motto too with being narrow-minded.

Howard further added that they are very innovative and they also love twisting things up so that the customers do not get bored with the product they sell. “We’re constantly thinking out of the box, creating new ideas, even releasing different Higher Life products once or twice a month. This might sound normal but executing new launches takes quite a level of teamwork and determination. From packaging to adding awesome new flavours for the products, they do it all. They even keep up with the trends and try to be as reasonable and connected with their target audience.”

The aim of the Higher Life brand and dispensary is quite simple: to have the best CBD products on the market using premium ingredients, to offer a top-rated customer service experience with user-friendly websites, and to give back to the community in the form of charity and even educating the community so that they thrive in future. But the main goal that they strive for is to deliver the best cannabis dispensary experience possible. 

“We’ve impacted our community tremendously by offering high-quality products as a second alternative at an affordable price,” explains the healer and entrepreneur who is relatively young for the kind of work he is doing. He further says, “Helping and sharing knowledge about our products to our customers is our main focus in our community. As a local business we take pride in keeping our people informed, we check to see how our products are benefitting them and we help customers make changes if needed.”

There is surely a lot more to expect from Brandon. To know more about Brandon Howard and Higher Life, make sure to check the provided social media handles (link down below)

Website: [email protected]




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