The love and passion for music lead Outsick to new heights

Music is a universal language. We all understand it and relish it. The artists dedicate their lives to this serene work. Outsick, an Emarti rapper is one such praise, who believes in virtue and works hard to produce good music.

To follow his passion, the artist has explored his culture. In the United Arab Emirates the custom and tradition of the country does not follow rap because rap is an art from America and European countries. Here we know the rapper Outsick known for the fun element. His funny character and his funny-language, English, black-American accent is just amazing. He always gives videos in social media, and he always speaks funny and familiar in the music field, and in the music field. Outsick is trying to characterize his presence among all artists in the Gulf or in the Middle East.

Outsick has come a long way from when he started. He admits that he had several difficulties in reaching the targets and that there was a lot they didn’t help him out. The odds were against him because he was putting smart ideas and that made him go a long way from his artistic career, and yet Outsick didn’t stop putting up the ideas his first created was Bounce it , and then Anything, and now he’s coming up with a new idea under the circumstances that we’re going through with the covid 19. He invited a group of people who loved him and came to film the video after they did all the tests they needed and said that Outsick was happy with what he was doing and that he would never stop presenting songs in his way.

Yes! That’s the way it has to be! Outsick we just love you a lot and we wish ‘All the Best’ for your upcoming video. Break a leg!

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