The Rain took away India’s golden chance of winning

England were all out for 183 runs in the first innings of the first Test against Australia. After that, India onto the field and batted, but their performance was not particularly impressive. India could only muster 278 in response to 183, and they held a 95-run lead in the match. Following this, England’s response was better than predicted, but they were unable to make significant progress.

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With the help of that century, England’s score reached 304 runs, while India was able to achieve their goal of 209. Another point to emphasise here is the fact that Jasprit Bumrah, who bowled brilliantly throughout the innings, deserves all of the credit for holding England to 304 runs.Preparation for the second exam, which will take place on August 12. Following this, India began batting in order to win the match.

By the end of the fourth day’s play, 52 runs had been made for the loss of one wicket, putting them in a strong position to win the match. However, such was the fate of India, as their score remained stuck at this spot and the rain prevented the match from being able to begin on the fifth day. Now, on August 12, the second test will begin, in which blood and sweat will be pooled together in an effort to win once more.

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