The teaser trailer for Magnificant Coloring World is out

The main teaser trailer for Magnificant Coloring World, a show narrative from Chance the Rapper, is delivered. The film denotes the rapper‘s first introduction to the entertainment world after the craftsman dunked his toes in with a trick show on Quibi. Chance will likewise star in a true to life Sesame Street film in 2022.

Chance posted the Magnificant Coloring World mystery on his YouTube channel on Friday. The clasp shows film from the rapper‘s 2016 “Superb Coloring World Tour” highlighting the tune “Endowments (Reprise)” from Coloring Book. The show film comes from makers Park Pictures and House of Kicks is dispersed solely by AMC theaters this mid year. Chance will be the main person artist to deliver a show film with AMC. Look at the secret trailer underneath, just as Chance‘s own message he posted on Twitter.

Chance the Rapper started his vocation by delivering music himself instead of marking with a significant studio. In the course of recent months, Chance has implied a questionable creative venture called “Place of Kicks” via online media. He as of late explained that the title alludes to a “recording studio. Acreation office, a film set and a venture. Park Pictures’ record of delivering Sundance champions. And mission of “finding and tutoring new filmmaking ability” line up with the free idea of the undertaking.

Coordinated by Jake Schreier (Paper Towns), Magnificent Coloring World annals Chance’s 2016 visit through the US, Canada and Europe. The film additionally remembers the five-year commemoration of Coloring Book. The rapper‘s third mixtape that sped up his standard achievement following two widely praised EPs. The visit went before Chance’s 2017 Grammy clear.

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