The Wild Grace Movement

The Founder, CEO, and Director of the Wild Grace Movement, Sigourney Belle Weldon, is passionate about helping women to become successful entrepreneurs. Sigourney has been described as a business oracle who is also a gifted seer, psychic, futurist, and visionary.

By seeing people and their businesses, she can see their highest timeline and vision, and then her work supports them in aligning to this. Sigourney founded her business on the principles of the wild and what is reflected in nature. She believes that everything in nature flows freely, and she wanted to evoke this same kind of feeling throughout her business. She describes her process as “organic, evolving and based upon intuition.”


About the Movement

The Wild Grace Movement is the Global Leading Accredited Training Modality in Archetypal and Sensual Embodiment. They work tirelessly towards helping women to discover and unleash the power, freedom, and respect of having their own business and being their own boss without losing themselves in the process.

They are dedicated to helping women stay connected to their feminine intuition and creative genius. They also believe that when women tap into their wild nature, they can create a business that is both successful and nourishing to their body, mind, heart, and spirit.

This business is comprised of a global team across America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. They have set up a second company in America and are currently preparing to centralize and start up the business where they will be able to run it from Panama.

Through the Wild Grace Movement, Sigourney has been able to run various training programs with over one hundred teachers globally. They are teaching the modality through the International Institute of Complimentary therapies. The Parasympathetic Restoration Formula is a revolutionary healing modality that teaches people how to access their innate healing power, creativity, and intuition.


About the CEO and Founder

As an established female mogul Sigourney Belle uses her spiritual practices as well as her knowledge of business to spark a global change. Through her company, The Wild Grace Movement, her goal is to help more women become successful in the business world.

Sigourney experienced a spiritual awakening at 23years old. This new awakening changed the trajectory of her life and led to her studying esoteric and ancient eastern philosophy while living in monasteries and ashrams throughout Nepal and India.

Her latest book Wild Business, placed her into the limelight and landed her a position as a writer and business council member within Forbes.

The Wild Grace Movement is a company created by women for women and wants to see women across the globe become powerful and thrive in their personal and business lives. Sigourney and her team want to help you begin your journey to your higher self.

Her Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook are a representation of the path she is on as a successful entrepreneur and spiritual leader, as well as the difference she has been making, through her company, for several women around the globe.

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