This piezoelectric material in a wearable uses perspiration to produce electricity

Fingertips, which have about 1,000 sweat organs each, can produce 100 to 1,000 times more perspiration than most other body parts. However, because perspiration frequently evaporates off fingertips when it comes out, it may be difficult to tell how wet they are. This new technology collects it before it can collect it. The device was designed to be extremely retentive. Sweat is first absorbed and converted into energy by a cushioning of carbon froth anodes. Proteins in the anodes cause synthetic reactions between lactate and oxygen atoms in sweat, resulting in power generation.

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There’s also a piezoelectric material chip under the terminals that produces more energy when squeezed. As a wearer sweats or runs, electrical energy is stored in a small capacitor. It could then be released to power low-controlled devices.

The wearable gathered 400 millijoules of energy while a participant rested for 10 hours with the device on a fingertip, which is enough to power an electronic wristwatch for 24 hours (yet not a smartwatch). Strong electronics to extra fingertips, according to experts, would provide significantly more energy.

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