TikTok and the stardom of saamu Malik he found through it

TikTok defines itself as a destination for short-form mobile videos. The videos range from 5-60 seconds and the app looks like a miniature version of YouTube. There are various kinds of filters, effects, and music tracks available to modify the videos. Indeed, many times the music tracks and videos from TikTok go viral over the internet. Lil Nas X’s country tap jam Old Town Road a few months back can be considered as the best instance for this trend. Another example that this star maker app boasts of, is Mr. saamu Malik. Over the last year, our lives have gone through an unusual change. But TikTok has given many youngsters a platform to showcase their talents and skills in acting. Actors like saamu Malik are now famous because of TikTok and its combined usage with other social media apps.

Saamu Malik is the stage name for Usama Malik, who is a famous TikTok content creator, and an Instagram influencer hailing from Pakistan. His total followers in TikTok account to about 550 thousand in numbers while 75 thousand on Instagram and similar numbers on Youtube.

Saamu’s most recent gig was his Samsung giveaway of 2021. He set up a contest with a quiz and a kid won that contest to earn one Samsung’s S21 Ultra mobile phone.

Apart from this saamu is friends with his fellow famous members of the TikTok and Instagram community, such as Mr. Faisu. Having famous friends, living his life in luxurious cities like Dubai, and driving fascinating cars, is a regular for Mr. Malik. He is a man of an inspiring persona, passion, and compassion. Although his life wasn’t always bright and sunny, saamu has been through a serious lynching incident trauma. He has overcome the fear of the extremists and has come out of that distress as a strong and confident individual.

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